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Is your employee experience everything it should be?
Does your culture give you a competitive advantage?

Leadership is the keystone of an extraordinary employee experience and culture

I teach organizations award-winning, research-proven leadership traits

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Does this sound familiar?

HR professionals and organizational leaders are wrestling with these and other difficult issues:

You are trying to improve the employee experience

You are worried about your culture

You have been asked to improve performance development

You don't know if your training is effective and has a good ROI

Your voluntary turnover is higher than expected
    - Over 50% of HR professionals are extremely challenged by finding high-quality applicants

You have poor engagement scores

Your teams do not  feel appreciated or recognized for their work

Your teams feel disconnected from the mission and vision of the organization

You wish consultants guaranteed their work

Trust is low

Top HR Concerns

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"Steve is not only a great human being but highly competent. I first met Steve at the AIM leadership training session that he presented at. I was impressed by his philosophies and practical applications on leadership. I solicited him for an engagement with my company to help train me and my leaders to level us up. After 6 months of group sessions and 1:1's, I feel this was the best-spent training dollars in years. What started as an exploratory idea with potential turned into an amazingly valuable experience. Without reservation, I recommend Steve and his training and consulting on leadership and organizational development in general. I plan to retain Steve on recurring engagements for my company to continue leveling up more of my leaders and myself."

Bruce Arnett
Chief Technology Officer at MartizCX

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Are you a C-suite or senior leader wanting to polish your skills?

Do you want to explore what a personal advisor could do for you?

Is this your first leadership role?

Do you feel a bit unprepared to lead your team?

Do you have high-potential leaders ready for the next step?

Would you like them to be ready for that promotion?

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The Relationship Factors - Leadership Traits of

Award-Wining Organizations

The Relationship Factors were discovered during my doctoral research study of award-winning businesses. Why were they so successful? What were those leaders doing differently to make them so much more successful and effective than their peers? Was it the working relationship leaders had with their team? 

Yes! Yes, it was!

I wondered if leaders were forming partnerships rather than being a boss. Also, I wondered if those leaders accepted their team members and respected them as people. Did those leaders serve their teams rather than be served? Did they involve their teams in decision-making and tap into their experiences, skills, and ideas? 


The Relationship Factors are easy to remember using the acronym, PACE. - Partnership, Acceptance, Compassion, and Evocation. 
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Partnership is taking a step down and being on the same level playing field with your team. Everyone knows you are the leader. You don't have to be the smartest person in the room, that's why you have a team! Use their experience, skills, talents, ideas, and imagination to solve the most complex and difficult issues your business is facing. 
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Acceptance has four elements:

Absolute worth - Everyone is a human being deserving of respect

Affirmation - Discover and acknowledge an individual's talents, strengths, and efforts. 

Autonomy - The right and capacity of self-direction

Accurate Empathy - To accept and understand another's perspective and feelings neutrally and without judgment or evaluation

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Compassion is more than sympathy or empathy. It is taking action to relieve the suffering and pain of someone else.

It's actively promoting the welfare of your team instead of your own. You are more concerned about your team than yourself and you regularly do what is needed to remove obstacles impeding them from reaching their goals.
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Evoking is to distill rather than instill. There is no micro-managing. 

Leaders help teams rediscover their own experiences, skills, thoughts and ideas, talents, and creativity by asking rich, thought-provoking questions. 

Evoking creates "buy-in" because autonomy has been respected. 
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CA Engineering used Dr. Merrill in three ways--he provided training to the management team; he provided a sub-set of his training to specific teams that were struggling with unity and trust, and he provided one-on-one mentoring to managers dealing with particularly difficult situations.  All three levels of assistance and training produced immediate results and have created a common and positive framework within which management, generally, and managers, individually, will work with their teams.  We have been very happy with Dr. Merrill's training and how it has helped us improve cohesion and trust in our company.


Howard Gee,


Card Access Engineering, LLC

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Every Business Relies on People and Relationships.

Why are the Relationship Factors so important? Because every business is based on relationships. Somewhere there is a person in a working relationship with a customer, a business partner, or a team member. 

Research has shown that when a leader practices the Relationship Factors, those Factors are over 62% of the reason why teams feel a sense of achievement and feel recognized.  

Accomplishing some difficult task or assignment, and then being recognized for it is incredibly important for engagement, trust, and the employee experience. The most effective and meaningful recognition comes from the immediate supervisor. 

Is it possible to learn how those award-winning organizations lead? 


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You are in control of the curriculum

Dr. Merrill partners with you to design a customized learning experience for your organization that is unique to your needs. 

After you have learned the Relationship Factors, the curriculum is yours. You tell Dr. Merrill what issues are most pressing, and that is what is discussed, not a prepackaged set of topics that have no bearing on your critical issues. Only real, urgent, and meaningful topics that need to be solved for your organization to move forward. 

You control the pace and the topics covered. 

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Where can the Relationship Factors help?  

Here are just a few:
  • Performance development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team dynamics
  • Goal setting
  • Communication
  • Establishing and maintaining trust
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Customer service
  • Delegation
  • Navigating change
  • and your unique needs

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The VLRC Guarantee

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Veritas Leadership Research & Consulting will refund part of your investment if I cannot demonstrate improvement in your organization. I can also help you calculate the ROI of your training so you know your hard-earned money is well spent and effective.

I know of no other consultant willing to stand behind their work.  I do.

I did the research. I know it works.

Contact me for details.